Pre-Audit Review Services

Pre-Audit Review Services for Institutions of Higher Learning

The annual audit of your institution of higher learning can be stressful – especially when findings are discovered. This results in higher demand of your time and possibly increased audit fees. Not to mention having to inform your CEO or president!

You know what happens when there are audit findings. The Department of Education may decide to conduct a Program Review and could be on your campus for months at a time. This requires a lot of your time, answering questions and locating files. And prevents you from using the highest and best use of your time. Not to mention possible corrective action and sanctions, such as fines, emergency action, or suspension.

This is why Frazer, LLP created our Pre-Audit Review Services. We want to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your fiscal and compliance audits, and help keep the Department of Education from consuming significant amounts of your time.

Services include:

  • Pre-audit preparation and consulting
  • Pre-program review consulting
  • Internal controls set up and monitoring
  • General business, fiscal and compliance consulting
  • Tax compliance preparation and consulting

Benefits to you and your institution of higher learning:

  • Save you time, money and aggravation
  • No waiting for problems to be discovered. Issues will be uncovered before your audit.
  • We quickly identify deficiencies and know “best practices” to address them.
  • An audit with no findings. Your auditors will audit a clean set of records.
  • A clean set of records Helps with financing arrangements with your bank.
  • Improved Administrative Capability Scores with the Department of Education.
  • May expedite approval from the Department of Education for future programs.
  • More efficient and effective accreditation processes and renewal.
  • Enables you to make the highest and best use of your time.

Want to keep the Department of Education off of your campus? Want an audit with no findings? Want to be ready for your annual audit? Contact us today.

Download our Pre-Audit Review Services for Institutions of Higher Learning brochure.


Stephen Bastardi, CPA

Ryan Zhang, CPA